How much do I tip my stylist?

Hairstylists are a part of the service industry and it’s customary to tip 15 to 20 percent of the total service amount. You are, of course, not obliged to provide any tip, but all stylists are greatly appreciative of your gratuity as a reflection of your satisfaction with their work.

Most hairstylists work with an apprentice who often takes charge of shampooing and blow-drying. If you can and if you are pleased with their work, it’s not unusual to tip the apprentice a small amount, anywhere between $2 to $5. You can hand your tip directly to the apprentice when she/he is done shampooing your hair or you can also specify a tip to the apprentice when you pay for your entire service.

Do I tip the owner of the salon?

If the owner is your stylist and she’s cutting, coloring, styling your hair, then it is customary to tip her/him for the services she’s performed.

I hate my haircut, how do I approach my stylist?

At Envogue Salon, we are dedicated to providing clients with the best experience. We want you to leave completely happy and in love with your hair. If you are unhappy with your haircut/color at the end of the session, please tell us, then and there.

Please feel comfortable with saying something to your stylist immediately—they are there to provide you with the desired outcome. All our stylists want to ensure that you leave completely satisfied, so if you are not, please tell us immediately, so we can work together to create the perfect outcome.

I decided to make a major change to my haircut and/or color and I'm not sure I like it now that it's done. What do I do?

Our official policy at Envogue salon is that if you are unsatisfied with the results of your haircut/color please let your stylist know within one week of the service. If you notify us within the week after your service, we will happily work with you in resolving your issue. Any further changes may incur a service or color product charge.

For those clients who have made a major change to their hair, we also encourage you to give yourself a week to “live” with your new hair. If, at the end of week, you are still questioning your style decision, contact your stylist so that she/he can work together to provide you with the perfect, new look.

Can I cheat on my hairstylist?

Yes. Cheat on your hairstylist. We completely understand. Sometimes your stylist is booked when you need her/him and you need an appointment earlier. Sometimes, you find that another stylist better fits your style point-of-view. Sometimes, you find a stylist who lives closer to your neighborhood. At Envogue Salon, we understand that life occasionally calls for you to work with someone else. Please know that if you choose to work with one of our stylists again, you are always welcome back.

How do I switch stylists in the same salon?

Envogue Salon is committed to client happiness and we are dedicated to ensuring that you find the best possible stylist fit. Our stylists work as a team, not simply as individual players. So, there won’t be any awkward or uncomfortable feelings if you choose to move to another Envogue stylist. We are completely supportive if you choose to “bounce around” stylists in an effort to find the perfect match.

I'm new to Envogue Salon, how do I choose my stylist?

All of our stylists at Envogue Salon have been hand-selected for their exceptional skills. So, whichever stylist you choose, you will be provided with the highest quality service.

We encourage you to scroll through our stylist biographies. Their stories will provide you with a sense of their style and personalities and will help you find someone that is compatible to your needs and sense of self.

Our front-of-house personnel are also trained to pair you with a stylist that works with your budget, needs, and personality. So if you need some guidance with choosing a stylist, simply ask our reception staff.

What to expect in your first consultation?

Your initial consultation will occur during your first appointment. Your stylist will take some time to discuss your expectations regarding your desired look, upkeep level related to that look, and any products that support its maintenance. This consultation is intended for client and stylist to understand each other, so as to provide the smoothest experience possible.

Envogue Salon suggests that you do a bit of “homework” prior to your consultation by bringing in images of haircuts and styles that you inspire and interest you.

Can I bring my kids to the salon? Can I bring my pets to the salon?

At Envogue Salon, we strive to provide an oasis of peace and beauty. However, we understand that our clients wear many hats, and sometimes have children in tow. For those clients who bring children into the salon, we ask that you ensure your children are able to sit quietly or amuse themselves. Our stylists and apprentice stylists are unable to provide any childcare services.

We are pet lovers. However, we are sensitive to the possibility that other clients may have animal allergies. So, during your service, we recommend pets to be left at home or outside the salon.

How much can I expect to look like the person in my picture?

Everyone is imbued with individual facial features, shape, and hair texture. Have a conversation with your stylist about how the image that you bring in may translate onto your head. Your stylist strives to incorporate the components of the image you bring in, in a way that is tailored to your specific hair length, density, texture, and face shape.

We are often caught up with wanting to look like the model, actress, celebrity, rather than having the hairstyle she/he is wearing. Cover the face of the person in your picture in your thumb—this will provide you with a better sense of whether you still like the hairstyle.